Léda Keuchguérian

The daughter of an architect herself, Léda Keuchguérian grew up in a family of builders. With grandfathers specialized in contracting and building material manufacturing, she was raised in an atmosphere of design and construction. Yet, her passion for architecture and her love of beautiful objects and furniture, drove young Léda to pass her early years between Beirut and Paris where she spent her time visiting museums and exhibitions, meeting artists and attending auctions.

After finishing high school at Collège Protestant Français, she graduated from Académie Libanaise Des Beaux-Arts (ALBA) with a Master en Architecture d'intérieur degree in 1988. Since then, she works in collaboration with her husband Sarkis Keuchguérian, a civil structural engineer, contractor and developer. Together, they have established their own design, consulting and contracting firm. Today, the couple runs two companies. Léda is the head of architects at the S.K. design and consulting office that deals with architectural and interior design projects, such as residential buildings and houses, boutiques, commercial centers, factories... She is also the founding partner of S.K. & A, a contracting company which executes the couple's own projects, as well as some other projects in collaboration with well-known architects and interior designers.


Beside architectural works, Leda’s passion was and still is designing furniture and objects. Through her knowledge and skills in design, Léda has visualized unique furniture and furnishings. She kept the sketches of her creations within a small circle of friends and clients until she decided to realize her dreams by materializing and exposing them in “Schizzo” a design art gallery in collaboration with co-artists and designers.

Léda is aware of the growing importance of design in people's lives today. Whilst a luxury for a particular social class in the past, it has become a part of contemporary culture, attainable for everyone. Consumer behavior has changed towards choosing objects both for their practical and aesthetic value. Borders and limits of design have disappeared combining architects, artists and designers. Design has become a common target and a source of inspiration for all. Léda finds her inspirations in her trips, her readings, her passions, in trendy fashion and especially in objects which she admires and conveys their beauty by combining them in different shapes and ways. She creates furniture and objects that can be seen, touched, sensed, used and bought by people, art aficionados who appreciate beauty and shape.