About us

Created in 2013, this high standard gallery took more than a year and a half for Léda Keuchguérian and Raffi Tokatlian to establish, and that is by transforming an old garage into a design art gallery. “Schizzo”, which rightly so means sketch in Italian, is that space located in Mar Mikhael , area selected for its artistic ambience

Most of the objet d'art displayed at Schizzo is created by interior architect Léda Keuchguérian and sculptor Raffi Tokatlian. Each piece highlights a trend in contemporary and functional art embracing refined combinations of architecture, design and fine art, creating items for use while staying completely authentic to the core of the art making process.

Schizzo suggests furniture and decorative objects that are designed and executed in Lebanon by a dedicated team specialized in iron, chrome, bronze and wood work. They are trustworthy people with whom Léda has worked for 25 years. Yet, designs at Schizzo are limited editions, usually only available in a dozen or less copies securing originality of the object.

Schizzo encompasses everything from furniture and lighting to vases, accessories and tableware. Léda’s and Raffi’s works carry an intellectual and emotional sensibility alongside a high dose of modern beauty. Both artists infuse aesthetic ideals into things and objects that might never have been viewed as art. In a very short time, Schizzo became a landmark destination where every design loving homeowner would like to pay a visit and come back with pieces of furniture, objects, sculptures and paintings that are uncommonly found and which bring life and authenticity to their homes.A permanent showcase

Besides being a unique address for creative interiors and unique sculpture, Schizzo is also the home of guest artists and vedettes. Collaboration with the famous Arame Art Gallery has resulted in hosting and displaying Armenian old generation artists as Carzou & Jansem, as well as young contemporary painters like Tigran Matulian, Albert Hagopian, Roupen Grigorian, Tigran Barkhanajian…

Alongside with Leda’s and Raffi’s works, Schizzo is also the home of international artists, painters and designers in need of a space to expose their designs or launch their brands on the Lebanese market. As such, Schizzo presents a selection of works by internationally famous artists as Guvder, Assadour & Vahan Roumélian displaying their oil, china ink, gouache & gravures. Also, The gallery exhibits the works of contemporary artists like the mixed media sculptors of Doreen el Zein, the paintings of Rana Sultani, the “conceptual art” collages of Janine Gemayel, the sculptors of Vahram Aghazarian & the candles of Delphine Gebran Markarian. Visitors will also appreciate the tables of young architect Céline Stephan Eid